Error code: 00000101

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CR Motor life expired.

Indicates that the number of CR Motor passes has reached the specified value.

The printer will develop the following problems if printing is continued:
1. Ink leakage through cracks in Ink Tube.
2. Poor movement of Carriage Unit due to CR Motor internal wear.

Remedy :
1. Check the number of times that the CR Motor has shuttled at VIEW COUNTER from Maintenance Mode 2, look for the measured number on the chart, and replace the corresponding parts.
2. The product-life cycle is the same as CR Motor-life cycle, so check and maintain all over the printer mechanism.
3. Specially check this points: bending or damage to the Head FFC, damage to the CR timing belt and PF timing belt, abnormal noise when carriage unit moves, accumulation of paper dust or dust to paper feed route.
4. Clear the CR Motor Life Counter.