Error code: 00010002

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PF Motor over current

During PF Motor operation, there may be a case where an abnormal current out of the specified limits is detected in the PF Motor drive circuit on the MAIN BOARD ASSY or a current exceeding the specified value is required. In such a case, this message is displayed and the printer stops operating.

Points to be checked :
1. The PF Loop Scale must be free from dust and dirt or any other foreign matters.
2. Measure the resistance value of the PF Motor (17.9 15%). If the PF Motor is found in short mode, replace the MAIN BOARD ASSY.
3. By visual inspection, check the harness of the PF Motor for any problem causing a short circuit to the frame.

Remedy :
1. Check for dirt, paper dust or damage to the Loop Scale.
2. Replace the PF Motor Assy.
3. Replace the C593 MAIN Board.