Error code: 00010002

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PF motor overcurrent error.

During PF Motor operation, there may be a case where an abnormal current out of the specified limits is detected in the PF Motor drive circuit on the C472MAIN Board or a current exceeding the specified va
lue is required. In such a case, this message is displayed and the printer stops operating.

Cause of trouble:
Hardware has detected overcurrent in the PF motor circuit.

Points to be checked:
1. Measure the resistance value of the PF Motor (5.8 Ohm). If the PF Motor is found in short mode, replace the C472MAIN Board at the same time.
2. By visual inspection, check the PF Loop Scale for any defect, such as damage or soiling, which can cause faulty reading by the sensor.
3. By visual inspection, check the harness of the PF Motor for any problem causing a short circuit to the frame.

1. Replace the PF Motor.
2. Replace the PF motor extension cable.
3. Replace the MAIN Board (C472 MAIN).