Error code: 0001000F

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CR motor PWM output faulty error.

There may be a case where a current exceeding the specified value flows during CR Motor operation. In such a case, this message is displayed and the printer stops operating. This error can be displayed in the following case: an abnormal load which does not reach the level causing an out-of-step phenomenon 00010005 in the carriage drive system has occurred and the running speed of the motor has been detected to be too low, so that the current is increased to raise the running speed of the motor. Thus, this message appears to prevent the CR Motor from being overheated.

Cause of trouble:
1. A small PWM output is kept on for a certain period of time (load is kept applied).
2. Carriage related mechanism out of step or carriage bumped.

Remedy/Points to be checked:
1. Check the load on the CR Motor.
1.1 Running load of CR Motor (check by manual operation).
1.2 Measure the resistance value of the CR Motor.(5.8 Ohm).
1.3 Damage to or wear in the CR Driven Pulley.
1.4 Damaged or worn bearing of the CR Unit.
1.5 Flaws in the CR Rail caused by roller running.
1.6 Tension of the steel belt.
2. Replace the CR Motor ASSY. If the CR Motor is found in short mode, replace the C472MAIN Board at the same time.
3. Replace the MAIN Board (C472 MAIN).