Error code: 00010020

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CSIC reed/right error.

At turning on or off the power, at opening or closing the I/C Cover or at completion of one-page printing, there may be a case where it is impossible to read the data from the CSIC of the ink cartridge or write the latest ink information in the CSIC. In such a case, this message is displayed and the printer stops operating.

Cause of trouble:
Read/write for CSIC (ink cartridge) is impossible.

1. Faulty contact with the CSIC (deformation of the CSIC contact connector / replace the Holder Assembly IC).
2. Defective CSIC Board (replace the ink cartridge).
3. Replace the CSIC Board (ink cartridge).
4. Tape electric wire out of position.
5. Replace the supply valve unit (faulty contact with the CSIC).
6. Replace the C472_SUB-B Board.
7. Replace the MAIN Board.